Restaurant De Stove was founded in 1985 by Gino and Erica, who proudly handed over the baton to Nico Vandendriessche and Debbie Devos in 2017. As a female cook, Debbie will impress you with her fine dishes. Your host Nico will charmingly welcome you and serve you at the table.

the youth of old age

The restaurant is a wonderful combination of young and old. Historical elements give you a warm and cozy atmosphere, while Debbie and Nico provide the youthful touch. This mix of young and old provides you with the perfect blend betweed the rich past and bright future of culinary Bruges.


Passion and warmth also dictate the kitchen's atmosphere. Every plate leaving the kitchen is treated with finesse, be it a quick lunch or 5 course dinner. Debbie knows how to handle the finest ingredients and is very passionate about cooking. Her dishes are both pleasing to the eye and taste buds.